Learning Support

The Secondary School Learning Support department addresses the educational needs of students in Years 7–12 with diagnosed disabilities or additional learning needs.

Our team works hard to support students in order to maximise their learning opportunities.

We work with medical professionals to provide access to a range of learning opportunities for students with learning needs and disabilities. These may be formally diagnosed conditions such as autism or fine motor skill difficulties, or they may be needs identified by a class teacher.

We support these students by communicating effective teaching strategies to their teachers, known as an Individual Plan.

We liaise with teaching staff and year coordinators to ensure there is consistency for the students across a broad range of subjects. We facilitate and teach smaller classes for English and Maths.

We also offer support for students via school-based provisions during formal exam times, or by communicating their needs to staff via an Individual Plan.

A teacher’s aide may be involved in assisting students in the classroom, in a small group, as a scribe for an exam or on an excursion.

The nature of the provisions for students with learning needs is based on government guidelines on catering to students with learning needs and disabilities.